How Do I...

Pay my Bill?

Click here for information on how to make a payment.

Signup for Leak / Usage monitoring?

Signup for Leak/Usage Monitoring here.

Get my water turned Off / On?

Request to get your water turned on or off here.

Sign up for water / sewer service if I’ve never had it with PAWSD before?

Click here to sign up for water or sewer service.

Get a meter installed on my property?

For information on getting a meter installed visit the New Connections page.

Change my mailing address or contact information?

To change your contact information fill out the contact information change form.

Notify PAWSD if my tenants change for my property?

To notify PAWSD of a tenant change visit the Tenant Account Information page.

Report a Suspected Leak?

You may call PAWSD at 970-731-2691 or email us at or click here.

Report a Concern I have or a Complaint?

You may call PAWSD at 970-731-2691 or email us at or click here.

Get notifications of meetings, newsletters or alerts from PAWSD?

Sign up to get notifications on the Notify Me page.

Apply for a job with PAWSD?

To apply for a position with PAWSD visit the Employment page.

Find out what’s in my drinking water?

Click here to get information on water quality.

Find other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions by visiting our FAQs page.