New Property Owner or Tenant


New Property Owner

PAWSD is a Special District, so all accounts stay with the property. We do not open & close new accounts when a property transfers from one owner to another.

Did you recently purchase a property or home in Pagosa Springs? If you used a local title company in the purchase, they will automatically provide us with your information and the account for your property will be transfered into your name. They will also take care of any outstanding or current balances on the account, collecting from both you & the Seller. There is nothing further for you to do to receive your first statement, however, to keep our records up-to-date, please use this online form to give us your current contact information.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased your property or home in any other fashion (i.e. Quit Claim Deed, or an out of state title company) you will need to provide us with the copy of the Recorded Deed. Please email us the Recorded Deed, along with your mailing address and phone number, to IMPORTANT: any charges that are on the account at the time of purchase stay with the property. So whomever owns the property, owns the charges on the account.

We recommend that all new property owners
sign up for AquaHawk.

New Tenant

PAWSD is a Special District, so all accounts remain in property owner's name(s). We do not open & close new accounts.

Tenants can be mailed statements by having an account be put "In-Care Of" their name(s). To do this, the property owner or property management company must complete this online Landlord/Tenant Agreement Form.

Landlord/Tenant Agreement Form

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Please Note: There may be unpaid outstanding balances due to tenants moving out which can cause the new tenant to immediately be up for disconnect. These unpaid balances are solely the responsibility of the Property Owner/Account Representative to track and ensure payment is made to avoid disconnection.


$15.00 Transfer Fee assessed to tenant on 1st statement.


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