Do you need to haul water for your home or construction project?

We have 3 fill stations in the Pagosa Springs area that offer potable water for sale. A water storage tank, a 2" hose and a 2" female cam-lock adapter are needed to connect to a fill station. Please see the information listed below for locations and purchase instructions.

Dollar Amount Price Per Gallon Gallons
$5.00 $0.0126 396
$10.00 $0.0126 793
$15.00 $0.0126 1,190
$20.00 $0.0126 1,587
$50.00 $0.0126 3,968
$100.00 $0.0126 7,936

Purchasing Water

Water can be purchased with a Prepaid Account or by credit card at the Mill Creek or Trails Fill Stations.

Prepaid Account

  • To set-up a Prepaid Account, call our office & let us know that you'd like to set-up a Prepaid Account.
  • With a Prepaid Account, you are given an Access Code & a PIN number to fill your water tank with the exact number of gallons you choose.
  • To use your Prepaid Account, please select one of the following Fill Stations for Instructions:
    CR 302/Mill Creek
    Trails Blvd
    Lyn Ave
  • To add money to your Prepaid Account, you call our office Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM (with the exception of Holidays) and provide us with the $ amount you'd like to add to your account & your payment information. Adding money to your Prepaid Account cannot be done online, at this time.

Buying Water with a Credit Card

The credit card machine at the Mill Creek & Trails Blvd Fill Stations is powered by cell service. So, the machine is only as reliable as the cell service at any given time. PAWSD highly recommends that you open a Prepaid Account, so that water is available to you at all times (so long as you keep money on your Prepaid Account.) Click here for instructions on using the credit card machine to purchase water.

*Please Note* There is no credit card machine at the Lyn Ave Fill Station. Only customers with a Prepaid Account will be able to dispense water at the Lyn Ave Fill Station

Fill Station Locations

East-side of Town - Mill Creek Fill Station: County Road 302/Mill Creek Rd (from Highway 160 East, take a right onto Highway 84. Take the first left, onto CR 302. The fill station is the small beige building at the north end of the Fair Grounds.)

West-side of Town - Trails Blvd Fill Station: Trails Blvd. (from Highway 160 West, go 1.5 miles past N Pagosa Blvd, turn right onto Trails Blvd and drive 0.5 miles. The fill station is the small beige building on the right.)

Uptown - Lyn Ave Fill Station: 100 Lyn Ave, PAWSD Administrative Offices (from N Pagosa Blvd, go 0.8 miles, take a right onto Lake Forest Cir. Drive 0.6 miles and take a left onto Lyn Ave. The fill station is located just outside the PAWSD gate on the north side of the turn-around.)

Mill Creek FS
Trails Blvd FS
Lyn Ave FS