Selling Or Purchasing a Property


PAWSD is a Special District, so all accounts stay with the property. We do not open & close new accounts when a property transfers from one owner to another.

If you are selling or purchasing a home or property and going through a local title company for the closing, all matters are handled directly between the title company and PAWSD. When the closing has been finalized, the title company will send us the required documentation as well as payment for any monies due on the account. Once we receive the paperwork and money from the title company, we then conduct the ownership change on the account. Please allow 1-2 weeks after closing for us to receive the paperwork from the title company. We do not conduct meter turn offs due to a change of ownership.

Any multi dwelling or commercial accounts with more than 4 equivalent units associated may be subject to water/wastewater modeling costs prior to full build-out, which could also include infrastructure upgrades if deemed necessary.

If you have any other questions regarding this process, please call our office at (970)-731-2691 and someone will assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased your property or home in any other fashion (i.e. Quit Claim Deed, or an out of state title company) you will need to provide us with the copy of the Recorded Deed. Please email us the Recorded Deed, along with your mailing address and phone number, to IMPORTANT: any charges that are on the account at the time of purchase stay with the property. So whomever owns the property, owns the charges on the account.

We recommend that all new property owners
sign up for AquaHawk.