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Interested in connecting to the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District water and/or wastewater services?

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Single Family Connection Form

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Building a Multi-Dwelling or Commercial Building? Please use & complete the forms below

New Connection Fees - 2024

This is typically a one-time fee assessed when water and/or wastewater service has been requested, as in new construction. For multi-dwelling & commercial buildings, the Meter Sizing Worksheet determines meter size and E.U. assessment. A Single Family residence is always considered as one E.U.

Standard Water Connection 3/4” Meter - $2,150.00
Standard 4” Wastewater Connection - $575.00

When a new service connection is requested, the following fees also apply:

System Capital Investment Fees

This assessment is for current and future capital improvements necessary and/or required to provide service to District customers. The Raw Water Acquisition Fee component of the System Capital Investment Fees is for current and future development of additional raw water delivery, storage, and treatment.

Water - $8,958.00 per E.U.
Wastewater - $15,697.00 per E.U.

Please read the Connection Permit Request carefully and call the office with any questions.

Scheduling for connections may be as far in advance as 60 days, please plan accordingly. The Archuleta County Road and Bridge Department generally will not issue a Road Cut Permit during winter months and has the authority to cancel any Road Cut Permit due to unfavorable weather, or any other reason they deem to be in the best interest of the Archuleta County Road system.

Once you have your connection date, please make arrangements for the backhoe operator and road fill material to be available at your location by your connection date.

It is also necessary for the property owner to have any other utilities such as electrical, natural gas, telephone and cable located prior to the scheduled connection date. The phone number for the Colorado811 to arrange for other utility locates is (800) 922-1987. The District will locate the water and wastewater lines on the morning of your scheduled connection.

If a road right-of-way must be cut to connect your property to the water and or wastewater system

it is your responsibility to obtain a Road Cut Permit from the governing entity in which your property lies. The phone number for the Archuleta County Department of Road & Bridge is (970) 264-5660. The phone number for the Town of Pagosa Springs is (970) 264-4151. Certain other areas require permits from the development or road authority for that subdivision. The Connection Permit Request Form must be completed, signed and all fees paid before a connection date will be scheduled.

If you are not being billed for Availability

A Main Line Extension Permit may be necessary before your property can receive service. Please contact us for further information.

In August 2008, the PAWSD Board formally adopted the industry standard fixture-count method of determining Equivalent Units. Read more about fixture counts and meter sizing. Water Meter Sizing Explained

Water meters for all customers are sized by PAWSD based upon a fixture count of the building. Although there may be a tendency to choose a meter that is larger than needed in order to conservatively estimate and accommodate water demand, accurate meter sizing is important for a host of reasons:

  • Properly sized meters have a lower failure rate.
  • Smaller meters require less maintenance than larger meters, in turn reducing the cost of water shut-offs and repair.
  • Smaller meters have a lower Capital Investment/Water Resource Fee and basic service charge.
  • Smaller meters encourage water conserving fixtures and practices.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recommends defining water demand using a flow recorder or manual fixture value calculations. Fixture values are provided by the Uniform Plumbing Code. The PAWSD Board of Directors has adopted the fixture count methodology. Fixture counts and Equivalent Units are determined by the following steps:

  1. What fixtures are present?
  2. What are their values given by the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) or the International Plumbing Code (IPC)? For example, a bathroom sink has a count of 0.7, and a dishwasher has a count of 1.4. Values vary depending upon the intended use of the fixture, for multi-dwelling & commercial properties only.
  3. Are there fixtures not included in the first UPC table? If so, use the gallons per minute demand of each of these fixtures to assign it a fixture count. This can be done using a second UPC table.
  4. The values of all the fixtures are totaled and the meter size that is appropriate for that total fixture count is determined using the AWWA meter design criteria and Uniform Plumbing Code. Once the meter size is known, equivalent units are assigned which mirror the hydraulic ratio of that particular meter size to the baseline 1” meter size.

The result of these steps is an industry standard-based methodology for calculating Equivalent Units that reflects true demand.