Rates and Fees

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Monthly Service Charges

For Monthly Service Charges, you will find the base rates that are charged to service accounts each month. This monthly base rate is assessed when property is connected to the water and/or wastewater system (whether the services are being used or not.) The base rate includes up to 2,000 gallons of water, per month. Below the base rate information, you will find the tiers used for further charges.

Monthly Services Charges
Water Base $32.38
Sewer Base $42.64
Both $75.02
2,001 - 8,000 / per 1,000 gal $5.81
8,001 - 20,000 / per 1,000 gal $11.63
20,000+ / per 1,000 gal $14.60
Affordable Housing Water Surcharge $1.91
Affordable Housing Wastewater Surcharge $2.86
STR Wastewater $17.06

Quarterly Service Charges

Quarterly Availability Charges are applied to accounts that do not yet have service, but lie within the District's boundaries and when water and/or wastewater lines are available within 100 feet of the property. By State Statute, the District is authorized to assess an Availability Fee. The monies collected can only be used to retire bonds (Municipal) sold by the District to finance major capital improvements.

Quarterly Service Charges
Availability Month Quarterly Annual
Water $14.73 $44.19 $176.76
Sewer $16.25 $48.75 $195.00
Both $30.98 $92.94 $371.76

New Service Connection Fees - 2024

This is typically a one-time fee assessed when water and/or wastewater service has been requested, as in new construction. The Meter Sizing Worksheet determines meter size and E.U. assessment. For example, a Single Family is considered as one E.U.

Standard Water Connection 3/4” Meter - $2,150.00
Standard 4” Wastewater Connection - $575.00

When a new service connection is requested, there are other fees that apply:

System Capital Investment Fees - 2024

This assessment is for current and future capital improvements necessary and/or required to provide service to District customers. The Raw Water Acquisition Fee component of the System Capital Investment Fees is for current and future development of additional raw water delivery, storage, and treatment.

Water - $8,958.00 per E.U.
Wastewater - $15,697.00 per E.U.

Other Fees

Tap Fee:

This is a one-time assessment for properties within the original District boundaries. Assessment is made after main water and/or wastewater lines are completed and within 100 feet of a lot. This reimburses the District for the engineering, surveying, excavating, materials, and labor related to the line installation. It is based on actual construction costs and is shared equally among the served lots.

Main Line Extension Fee:

This is assessed to properties not within the original District boundaries. It is applicable to properties where District main water and/or wastewater lines(s) are not within 100 feet of a specific property. The applicant requesting the service pays for all construction costs related to the extension. New subdivisions/developments are responsible for all water and/or wastewater line extensions.