Automatic Bank Draft (Auto Pay)

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Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District is offering an Automatic Monthly Withdrawal from your checking account to pay your monthly water and sanitation bills or your quarterly availability charges. Save time and money! Good for our Community, Good for our environment.

Here is how it works. You would receive the standard water bill in the mail around the 8th of the month reflecting your usage and charges for the previous monthly period. If you are not actually connected to water and /or wastewater service but have lines within 100 feet of your property, your billing statement for Availability charges would arrive quarterly instead. There would be a period of approximately two weeks for you to notify the District office with any questions or concerns regarding the billing statement. Then, on the 20th of each month, a file would be prepared for processing to withdraw the amount of your current monthly or quarterly charges from the bank account number you specify.

This would be the same type of transaction as if you were actually writing a check, and the charge would be reflected on your monthly bank statement. As with a paper check, you would need to be certain that funds were available in your account to cover this transaction. If an automatic withdrawal is returned for insufficient funds in the account, a $20.00 fee for the NSF would be added to your account as a processing charge.

There is a pre-notification process that must be performed through your banking institution and the federal reserve prior to the District taking an automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Because of this, the District must receive this signed form by the FIRST day of the month in which you which you wish to have the funds automatically withdrawn from your account. If you send in a signed form after the first of the month, please be sure to include a payment for the current charges on your bill. Your account will then be set up for automatic withdrawal the following month.

Funds will be withdrawn from your checking account on the 20th of each month. If the 20th of the month falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the withdrawal would occur the next business day. Once established, this program would allow the District to withdraw funds from your checking account each monthly or quarterly period until notification was received from you to change or discontinue this service. Notification to change or discontinue this service must be received in the District office prior to the withdrawal date in order to be effective for that monthly or quarterly period. There is no charge for this service. The savings to you are in the time and paper used to create paper checks and mail or bring them to our offices!!

To be a part of this program, simply sign and return this notice (Download a copy here) with a VOIDED CHECK from your checking account that you would like the withdrawal to be made from in the enclosed envelope along with this month’s payment. Please do not send a deposit slip as the routing numbers tend to be different. If you have multiple accounts with the District, we need one form for each account that you are enrolling in the program; however, if all withdrawals are from the same checking account, only one VOIDED check is necessary. If you have multiple accounts with the District and wish to have withdrawals made from several different checking accounts, be sure to attach the correct VOIDED check to the correct form. The automatic withdrawal program will then be effective for your next billing.

We are excited to be able to offer this service!! Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions or concerns, otherwise, return this form and a voided check and let’s get started saving time and money!

Download this notice to print and sign for Auto Pay

To begin Automatic Monthly Withdrawals, we need the above form along with a voided check from your personal checking account.

Please deliver in person to:

Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District
100 Lyn Avenue
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

OR mail to:

Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District
P.O. Box 4610
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

OR Fax to: