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Tap vs. Bottled Water

There have been a plethora of stories in the news of late pitting the merits of tap versus bottled water.  Ultimately and obviously, one's hydration preference is a personal choice.  As a tap water provider, our advocacy for that choice is inherently biased but grounded in an indisputable statement: tap water is fundamentally better for the earth and the people on it.  Although tap and bottled water are regulated differently, both are generally safe choices.  However, in addition to safety, tap water provides public health protections, fire protection, support for the economy, less environmental impacts and an overall basis for quality of life.  Tap water is also far less costly than bottled water at approximately 1/2 cent per gallon vs. $2.50 per gallon

Most importantly, choosing to consume tap water supports public water systems like PAWSD.  Without this support, the systems are subject to erosion that potentially creates a situation wherrein safe drinking water becomes a commodity rather than a basic right thus only accessible to those who can afford it.  Maintaining our high quality of tap water is the fundamental mission of PAWSD.  Given the excellent quality of our source water plus the level of federal and state regulations, our tap water is in the words of water activist, Maude Barlow, "Blue Gold."  So, drink up!


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